About Me...

I'm an ordinary man who has made his own mistakes in the past and only wants to work toward helping those who otherwise can't help themselves. As a former police officer, I use my knowledge of surveillance techniques to assist people who need someone of my skill sets.

My sole weakness...

... I have personally witnessed the pain and psychological damage caused by child predation. Having witnessed this has softened me and focused my devotion on preventing these attacks before they can happen.

Safe Surfing

Whenever I complete an investigation that involves child predation I sit down with the family and point out the vulnerabilities. One of the most common vulnerabilities I've found is with youth describing or pointing out places they often frequent or plan on visiting soon.

Many of today's youth don't understand how vulnerable they are when they start surfing the internet. They join up at these various social networking sites and create profiles. In these profiles they blog about their life, friends, and as I mentioned earlier the various places they enjoy visiting.

Even a simple picture as seen below can be used to help a predator determine the location a potential victim may frequent. It's difficult to stress how vulnerable this situation makes a potential victim without showing them with a real life experience. This is where my child protection services comes into play. I take real life situations that your son or daughter are facing and show them how it could effect them. Next time you're thinking about showing your child how much you care for them, contact me and together we'll not only show them how much you care, but how to protect themselves.


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