About Me...

I'm an ordinary man who has made his own mistakes in the past and only wants to work toward helping those who otherwise can't help themselves. As a former police officer, I use my knowledge of surveillance techniques to assist people who need someone of my skill sets.

My sole weakness...

... I have personally witnessed the pain and psychological damage caused by child predation. Having witnessed this has softened me and focused my devotion on preventing these attacks before they can happen.

My new case

I've recently been contacted by an individual who was seeking help finding some children he believed may have been abducted by child predators. I cannot discuss many of the details of the case, but I have decided to put some of my current cases on the shelves for now.

I spent the past weekend with my son. It was a special time for me as I don't get to spend very much time with him these days. I've made my mistakes and I'm paying for my sins. When this client contacted me about these children I couldn't help but wonder how I would feel if my son was abducted. It would devestate me beyond belief. What if he had turned up missing when I took him to see the battleship this weekend?

Protecting children is more important to me than tailing a cheating spouse or any of my other case loads. I will be contacting those clients whose cases I am working on and inform them of my inability to continue working for them at this time. If I can even find one of the children for this client, it'll be more than worth it.


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