About Me...

I'm an ordinary man who has made his own mistakes in the past and only wants to work toward helping those who otherwise can't help themselves. As a former police officer, I use my knowledge of surveillance techniques to assist people who need someone of my skill sets.

My sole weakness...

... I have personally witnessed the pain and psychological damage caused by child predation. Having witnessed this has softened me and focused my devotion on preventing these attacks before they can happen.

Mailings on Child Protection

This is just a quick update to announce that I’m going to be sending out mailings to various schools in the area regarding safe Internet use. I hope to obtain lists of students from these schools so that I can send their families this information, also. The purpose of this mailing is not to advertise my services, but rather to alert families to the importance of safe Internet use.

I tell you this to make you aware that I won’t be posting much this month. I’m going to be working hard on these mailings, so I hope to talk to you again in May!


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