About Me...

I'm an ordinary man who has made his own mistakes in the past and only wants to work toward helping those who otherwise can't help themselves. As a former police officer, I use my knowledge of surveillance techniques to assist people who need someone of my skill sets.

My sole weakness...

... I have personally witnessed the pain and psychological damage caused by child predation. Having witnessed this has softened me and focused my devotion on preventing these attacks before they can happen.

I Don't Drink

I didn’t drink last night, and that’s a fact I’m rather proud of. I suppose that the folks at AA would tell me that I shouldn’t have put myself in such a tempting situation, but staying sober doesn’t require that I be antisocial.

I’ve been sober and alone for 1888 days now: I took my last drink on May 1st, the same day Patricia and I signed the papers. Maybe someday, I’ll meet someone new.



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